Ben McLemore Starting To Find His Niche With The Sacramento Kings


For the start of the season, things couldn’t have gone worse for the third-year guard Ben McLemore. In his first four games of the season, the starting two-guard for the Sacramento Kings looked passive and befuddled in the new Kings system ran by George Karl, averaging 4.3 points a game while shooting 28.5% from the court.

As a result, his poor play got him demoted to the bench and having to earn back the trust and minutes from his head coach. At first, Ben remained a negative factor coming off the bench, but as time progressed he started to find his niche.

Over the last few games, McLemore has started to pick up on coach Karl’s system, as he is averaging now 7.7 points a game and shooting 43.3% from the court, 43.2% from three. On the offensive end McLemore looks more instinctive on the floor.

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In the beginning of the season, it seemed like McLemore and point guard Rajon Rondo were playing in parallel universes, as the chemistry between the two was nonexistent. Once McLemore started to understand the offense, and his role, he was able to earn Rondo’s trust, therefore Rondo setting him up more to score (enhancing his stats). McLemore’s improvement have also reflected on the defensive end as well.

Since earning his spot back as a starter, McLemore has been able stick to his opponents better, read defensive switches, and overall being more aggressive. Aggressive. That’s probably been the prime reason McLemore has been able to rejuvenate his season.

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It wasn’t too long ago “A Royal Pain” wrote an article about McLemore’s lack of aggression on the court being the major factor to his at the time struggles. Throughout his tenure with Sacramento, an aggressive McLemore has always meant his level of confidence was high, and a confident McLemore results in him getting closer and closer to his true potential

Overall, McLemore has gotten more comfortable in the Kings new system after struggling big time in the start of the season. With the mix of both being more acclimated with his new teammates and coaches, plus more aggressive on the court has him turning around what is suppose to be a significant third year for him in his career.

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Hopefully this level of efficiency is something McLemore can hang on to throughout the entire season. If he remains to be consistent in his game, it will help immensely for the Kings organization not only for this season, but going forward.