A More Aggressive Ben McLemore is Needed For Both His Team and Himself


Sacramento Kings two guard Ben McLemore is in his third season in the NBA, meaning the year where he defines himself as a player going forward in his career (in my opinion). So far it has been a rough season for the former first round pick, as of now throughout three games he has averaged just 5 points, under 1 assist, and 1.3 rebounds per contest.

Even though the season just began, McLemore is digging himself into a hole. The Kings are looking to win now as they begin their quest to the postseason, and if McLemore continues to play the way he has so far could put his tenure with the Kings in jeopardy.

Fans can say that McLemore’s start is just catching a bad break to the season, or that his role on the team has decreased, but I think it’s more than that. For McLemore to be able to live up to his potential he must have a more aggressive mindset on both ends of the court.

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On offense, this means Ben being more confident in his craft, and calling for the ball more. When watching Ben so far this season he seems too passive. He kind of lets the ball come naturally to him, and doesn’t mind not playing a significant role of the offense (my perspective).

Based on his collegiate career and flashes in the NBA, McLemore has the potential to be an offensive asset for the Kings right now, and should be more confident when having the ball in his hands on offense.

On the defensive side of the ball, he needs to be more physical against his opponents. He has the athletic ability to be a lock down defender in this league, and needs to utilize his physical tools more to stick better with his opponents, get through screens, and to force turnovers on the defensive end.

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Bottom line, it’s not the physical part of McLemore’s game that is holding him back this season, but rather his mental makeup.

If McLemore can find confidence in his basketball ability and be more aggressive when he’s playing, I believe he can be that starting two guard that the Kings have when they finally do make it to the postseason. 

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To be fair, it only has been three games, so maybe McLemore could find his niche with the Kings going forward. But based on my analysis it hasn’t been good so far for the starting two guard for the Kings (for now).