Bleacher Report crazily lists Kings’ All-Star as “most overrated NBA player”

The NBA off-season – where crazy takes come from credible sources and we are reminded that we should not listen to everything we see online.

On Thursday, Bleacher Report released an article going over the top five most overrated NBA players. While it had some players there that made more sense than others, such as Dillon Brooks at the second spot after signing his massive contract with the Houston Rockets, others made no sense at all.

The list has DeMar DeRozan at five, who is a consistent All-Star and mid-range god, as well as Kawhi Leonard at four, which is disrespectful despite Leonard’s load management issues.

At the top of the list is the most disrespectful thing to happen all off-season so far – Kings All-Star Center Domantas Sabonis was listed as the most overrated player in the NBA.

There are no words for how insane of a statement that is and how little anyone has called Sabonis overrated since he has been a King.

Bleacher Report’s suggestion even takes into account his fantastic regular season play, stating the following in the article:

“An effective regular-season weapon who had a great deal to do with the Kings’ 2022-23 leap, Sabonis comes with too many conspicuous failings to warrant his star reputation and salary.”

Bleacher Report understands that Sabonis had a massive part to play in bringing the Kings out of a 16-year playoff drought after his first full season in Sacramento – then why is it fair to rank Sabonis at the top spot solely because of post-season struggles for one playoff series?

“If he can’t shore up his specific and obviously exploitable weaknesses, Sabonis will struggle to be a factor in the postseason games Sacramento wants to win. The Warriors provided the book on how to marginalize Sabonis, and future playoff opponents will have read it carefully.”

The only reason Domas has been listed at the top is a playoff slump – and that’s true, he did struggle in the most recent playoff series because he was forced to change up his play style and shot poorly. However, you have to understand that this is Sabonis’s first postseason since 2019 where Indiana was swept by a dominant Boston Celtics team.

The Kings had a great year, but nobody expected a championship to come out of Sacramento last season. Now that the team has had time to mesh and learn what it takes in the playoffs, they will have a shot at a ring with largely the same team.

And with someone who is as crucial to the team as Sabonis, there’s no way that the young Kings can’t adapt to beat any opponent next year.