Rajon Rondo is very excited about this season


Every player on every NBA team is obviously excited that training camp is here and thus the regular season is drawing near. But Rajon Rondo seems especially pumped that the offseason is practically over.

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Rondo has had several great quotes already since Media Day about his anticipation, but the one that’s stood out the most had to be when he spoke on how long it’s been exactly since he’s felt this eager to play basketball.


Those are mighty big words. In case you’re not much of a basketball historian, 2008 was the year that Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics managed to win the NBA Title–Rondo’s sole championship to this point.

So in Rondo’s own words, this Kings team has a certain magic excitement to it–he feels as though this team could realistically contend for a title. Wow.

That’s a pretty big statement–and it has two sides, honestly.

The first side is that it’s great that Rondo is motivated, which is obviously important. He’s one of three personalities that could either end in greatly helping or hindering this season in Sacramento (along with George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins) and having him all-in is the best case scenario.

On the other hand, it’s pretty weird that Rajon Rondo hasn’t been very excited about playing basketball since 2008. I mean, that’s seven freaking years. Even if after that his relationship with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and the rest of those Celtics had soured, he should have at least been kind of pumped when he got traded to Dallas.

Of course his relationship with the Mavericks ended terribly, but it’s important to remember right after the trade went down it looked like a great move. Dallas was pretty stacked at every position except point guard, and adding Rondo seemed like it could be placing the last missing piece in the Mavericks’ puzzle.

I suppose I can’t argue with Rondo calling his shot here though. I mean, maybe he felt off about the Dallas move at the time. All that matters in the end is that he feels that crazy anticipation about the Sacramento Kings’ upcoming season.

The story of this Kings team is that the past is the past, and what’s important is that all of these players and coaches are here, now, together, to fight and win alongside each other. I’m not sure about each and every player in Sacramento just yet, but it’s entirely obvious that Rajon Rondo is.

That’s good enough for now. We’ll find out about the rest of the team once the games starts mattering.

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