Sacramento Kings Recent Bondings Can Do No Wrong


The Sacramento Kings official training camp starts in just a couple of days, but it didn’t stop multiple players from the team meeting with each other beforehand. Thanks to multiple social media sites that the Kings are associated with, fans (like myself) can see that many players on the team have already been working out with each other in the Sacramento area.

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It first started last week when players like DeMarcus Cousins, Ben McLemore, and Rajon Rondo, etc. took over the football field at Sacramento State University. During this workout, it looked like it consisted mostly of building up cardio, and afterwards the team ended the day with a friendly game of football.

Next, it was just days later that almost the same group of players attended the Ultimate Fitness Center where they got a private MMA session from MMA fighter Urijah Faber himself where they learned the basics of the sport. One of the notable Kings that showed up for a consecutive workout again was Cousins, and I think I even saw assistant coach Corliss Williamson breaking sweat with the players as well.

Most recent workout was yesterday when the players took their talents to the Sacramento Fire Department, where the team got to experience some of the training that it takes to be a firefighter. It was pretty comical in my opinion.

The players were dressed in firefighter gear, climbed up the ladder of the trucks, and fired the fire hose as well. Just another fun way for the Kings to bond and get in shape. Again DeMarcus was in attendance for this workout, plus Rudy Gay was present too.

Although the workouts that the players participated in may not be the most rigorous, it’s more of the team bonding together than anything else. With the Kings revamping a good portion of their roster this offseason, there are a lot of new faces showing up.

These recent workouts are just a way for players to get to know one another and gain relationships off the court, which could result in their on-the-court time together to benefit the team.

I also thought it was good that DeMarcus showed up to all the workouts that were planned. It’s important for the team’s franchise player to show up voluntarily, and to gain relationships with as many teammates possible before the upcoming season. It definitely shows the level of commitment he has towards the team and the kind leader he wants to be.

Overall, these recent workouts by the Kings players can be nothing but positive for the team. The players are getting warmed up for the official training camp coming up in San Diego, plus developing potential chemistry for this upcoming season.

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