Caron Butler: Leader, Forward, Author…Screenwriter?


In case you live under a rock away from most Sacramento Kings social media, Caron Butler has a new book out now called Tuff Juice: My Journey From the Streets to the NBA that he’s been (understandably) pushing pretty hard on Twitter and other places. DeMarcus Cousins apparently liked it, considering he got himself a box full of them:

Anybody who’s read the book has loved it so far so you should probably buy it if you’re at all interested in Butler, the Kings or just a good story, which this definitely is according to actor/producer Mark Wahlberg:

"“This story is as good, as dramatic, and as inspirational as any I’ve dealt with in my professional career. Caron Butler should be applauded for turning his life around, for morphing into a role model, and for sharing his story so that others might learn from his example. This is not a basketball book as much as it is a book about life, a life of transformation and redemption.” —Mark Wahlberg, Producer/Actor"

That’s a powerful endorsement from Wahlberg, who is a legend among people who are obsessed with Boston actors (so myself and Bill Simmons) and also now a producer. And he was real serious about how much he liked the book, considering that he’s now considering making Tuff Juice into a movie.

According to that TMZ Sports article, Wahlberg is actually a great choice to make the movie considering “sports themed projects like “The Fighter” and his HBO show “Ballers” [are] already proving to be huge hits.” So this might actually turn into a story to follow throughout the season.

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TMZ managed to ask Butler about the story, who confirmed that he’d been in talks with Wahlberg about making the biopic. He also gave his first choice of actors he’d like to play himself. If Butler gets his way, Michael B. Jordan will be the next Caron Butler.

It’s not just Hollywood names endorsing Butler’s new book, however. NBA mastermind and Don of the Miami Heat Pat Riley had similarly high praise for Tuff Juice, and for Butler himself:

"“Caron Butler was one of the greatest players who ever wore a Heat uniform. Had we not needed to include him in a deal to get Shaquille O’Neal, Caron would have been here for the rest of his career. We considered him that good, someone who had Heat DNA, the qualities we always look for: great integrity, character and toughness, an ultra-competitor. It was very sad for me to see Caron go, but it’s made me very happy to know that he has written a book and wanted his old coach to be included in it.” —Pat Riley, former coach and current President of Basketball Operations for the Miami Heat"

That’s outstanding praise for Butler, and it really puts the Kings going out to get him in perspective. His three-point shooting and other numbers have been pretty decent over the past two seasons, but his leadership and personality are the reasons he was a sought-after free agent.

It can only help the Kings to have a player of Caron Butler’s caliber helping to lead the younger guys on the team. Hopefully Butler can get his movie made, so a more wide fanbase can find out just how great of a player and–more importantly–person, he really is.

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