Sacramento Kings: Lillard Will Pass Stojakovic In 3s When Play Resumes

Peja Stojakovic Sacramento Kings (Photo by ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP via Getty Images)
Peja Stojakovic Sacramento Kings (Photo by ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP via Getty Images) /

We will be on milestone watch once the NBA returns as Damian Lillard looks to surpass a former Sacramento Kings player on an all-time list.

We are completely unsure about the timeline for the NBA and when games will resume play, but we will be on milestone watch when they do. Unless Damian Lillard unexpectedly retires before another game is played, he will pass Peja Stojakovic on the all-time three point list within the the first few games of the next season.

Stojakovic was one of the greatest three-point shooters of his time, and finished his career in third place on the list of most three pointers made. But the game, and the list, have certainly changed over the last decade. Stojakovic has since been surpassed by 17 players, and he is holding on to the 20th spot for dear life.

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Lillard will end Stojakovic’s days in the top-20. He has 1,732 made three pointers, just 28 behind Stojakovic. If he averages 3.5 makes per game (his average over the last two seasons), then it will take just eight games for him to accomplish this feat.

To show how much the game has truly changed, take a look at how many games it took these players to accomplish these milestones:

Peja Stojakovic: 1,760 made threes, 804 games played

Damian Lillard: 1,732 made threes, 607 games played

Stephen Curry: 2,495 made threes, 699 games played

If the trend continues, and it will, then Stojakovic’s stay in the top-25 (or top-30 for that matter) won’t last long. Hot on his heels are Kyle Lowry (1,685) and Wesley Matthews (1,656). Should Buddy Hield (846) remain with the Kings throughout the duration of his current contract, then he will be well ahead of Stojakovic by the time he is 32 years old.

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Notes: Curry needs 66 threes to pass Reggie Miller for second on the all-time list, and less than 500 to take over first place from Ray Allen.

Kevin Durant should make up some serious ground when he is fully healthy. He is currently 28th on the list, but just 257 makes behind Kobe Bryant, who is ranked 17th.