Five Kings-Related Things to Check Out During The NBA Hiatus

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#3. Torture Yourself With Kings Draft Interviews

The biggest drawback to the NBA being on hiatus is that there’s no way for the Kings to break your heart on a weekly basis. Well, fellow Kings fans, there exists the perfect solution to get you through while the season is on hiatus.

Over the years, the Sacramento Kings YouTube channel has uploaded a bunch of pre-draft workouts and interviews going back for at least a decade. What’s great about sifting through them is that you can go back and watch interviews and workouts of players that the Kings absolutely did not draft that became perennial All-Stars or MVP candidates. Ever wondered what some of the best players in the NBA would look like in Kings gear? Well, now you can, as long as the gear you’re thinking of is the black practice shirts!

Some personal favorites include Steph Curry and Damian Lillard, but there are plenty to choose from if you look around. In the minute or two of research I did for this entry, I found pre-draft workout/interviews for Kawhi Leonard, Andre Drummond, and Klay Thompson. Imagine what else you’ll be able to dig up over the next month or so.

See?  That pit of despair in your stomach is returning already.  It’s like the Kings never left!