Five Kings-Related Things to Check Out During The NBA Hiatus

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Credit: Tom Hauck /Allsport
Credit: Tom Hauck /Allsport /

#4. Listen to tracks from Chris Webber’s rap album, 2 Much Drama

The 1990’s were the heyday of “NBA stars putting out lousy rap albums”, and Sacramento power forward Chris Webber was no exception. Released under his nickname “C-Webb” on March 16, 1999, about nine months after being traded from the Washington Wizards to the Sacramento Kings, 2 Much Drama contains the hit single “Gangsta! Gangsta! (How U Do It)” featuring Kurupt.  It was actually a mild hit, hitting #10 on the Hot Rap Charts. It is also the most “late-90’s athlete hip-hop” thing ever, and we should all be glad that it exists. However, it’s just one of the twenty-one tracks on this thing. 2 much drama, indeed, although just enough drama to get you through the hiatus.

Appallingly, Webber’s only album isn’t on Spotify, and it doesn’t look like it’s been uploaded in full on Youtube. However, you can find various tracks here and there and, honestly, that’s probably all you’ll require. No need to buy the vinyl for this one. Also, you can check out the very cool and not at all bad music video for “Gangsta! Gangsta!” right here.

Look, Webber was far from the only player cranking out lame music back then (paging a current Kings minority owner). But 2 Much Drama should hold a certain place in your heart, because this was how we all knew back in 1999 that the Sacramento Kings were becoming legit. Not the Sports Illustrated cover, not Webber making the cover of NBA ShootOut 2001, not the exciting play and charismatic athletes. Nope, 2 Much Drama.