Sacramento Kings: Troy Williams deserves a roster spot

Troy Williams is another great player that Vlade Divac picked from another team. He should remain with the Sacramento Kings for the rest of the season.

The one position the Sacramento Kings have to address is small forward. They are using Iman Shumpert along with Justin Jackson and so far the purple and white have been able to make it work.

With Justin Jackson being inconsistent with his shooting from game to game, it gave the Kings the need to have a backup at the position.

Insert: Troy Williams who was signed on Oct. 20 on a two-way contract after being released from the New Orleans Pelicans Oct. 17.

With the Kings 45 day limit on Troy Williams two-way contract just around the corner, team must decide where Troy Williams will play

It is an easy choice whether to keep Troy for the rest of the season or not. Williams is a nice addition that Vlade jumped on when he was cut from Pelicans. The hometown team must make a roster spot for Williams.

Troy has done nothing but over-achieve every second he has been on the floor with the Kings. His numbers don’t jump out at you looking at the box score. Playing 15 minutes a game contributing 6.4 points and 2.7 rebounds sounds minimal, but what Troy does is come off the bench and bring energy when the Kings are in a slump.

Williams plays like every game is his last chance to make it in the league. He can and does scores in bunches when the team needs it. That said, his inexperience can lead to mistakes but he often makes a spectacular play that makes you forget about them.

A highlight dunk, hit two three-point shots in a row to get the Kings back in the game. This is new problem for Sacramento to have so many players deserving of playing time, but good organizations have players ready to step in as soon as their is an injury.

When you find a gem on the free agent market you keep him

If Vlade Divac wants to model the Sacramento Kings front office like the San Antonio Spurs this would be a good move. The Spurs have a knack for finding lesser-known players and then developing them into long-term contributors. With Sacramento only having a second round pick this season the home team needs to have a solid roster in place.

On the flip side, we have a great core with the only weak position is small forward. The combination of Shumpert, Jackson, and Williams is workable with room for improvement, but by signing Williams to a regular NBA contract it gives Head Coach Dave Joerger one more guy who plays multiple roles at a bargain salary.

There is no doubt the Kings should, and likely will, find a spot for Troy Williams. Another feather in Vlade’s cap.

Final Thoughts

Until we make a trade, while Justin Jackson works on rounding out his play at the small forward position, Williams is a nice insurance policy to have on the bench. He is becoming another piece in the young nucleus of Sacramento Kings players, but is still learning the game.

Williams is getting to play a lot more than most people anticipated. He is such a burst of energy for the team when they are struggling that coach needs him to play. For now, Williams is the answer and you can’t argue when it leads to wins.

The Kings need to stretch out his playing time with the Sacramento Kings and the Stockton Kings long enough to make a salary cap trade. Vlade wants to take on a bad contract to get a pick in the draft, with first round pick being the goal.

If and when it happens there should be a rotation spot for Troy. Zach Randolph is the most likely to be dealt in a trade, which could open a spot without losing any young talent. How Vlade Divac makes a spot for Troy Williams is not the question; it’s when he makes the spot for Troy, as he earned a roster spot with the Sacramento Kings.