Sacramento Kings: A Royal Pain Seeks New Writers


FanSided’s Sacramento Kings-dedicated site, A Royal Pain, is looking for new writers. Show us you have game and join us!

A Royal Pain has held a steady place as FanSided’s home for Sacramento Kings coverage for some time now, dating back to when the site was first launched in 2009. The Kings have seen plenty of changes to their roster in that timeframe and so too has the staff here on site. There’s a lot of history here, both with the team and with our efforts to write about them.

Despite the changes, there has always been one constant here on site with regards to our goals: To give you folks, our readers, the very best Sacramento Kings discussion that we possibly can.

Consider yourself a passionate fan? Read us or other Kings sites with regularity and ever wonder if you should write about the team too? Maybe you’re just stumbling across us for the first time and you like what you see. We are looking to add to our staff here on site and this could be your chance to join the team and take your shot.

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We like to let our staff write about the aspects of the team they are most passionate about. There’s room for those interested in covering the Reno Bighorns, the Sacramento Kings’ D-League affiliate. Maybe you’re more of a transaction junkie and you want to talk about the impact a new signing could have. Or maybe you just want to chip in on game previews, recaps, or any number of other potential story ideas that could relate to the team.

Writers are asked to contribute a minimum of 1-2 posts per week. We’ll always welcome more frequent contributions than that, but we won’t require it.

We know that for most this is primarily a hobby and something you do for the love of it. That’s why we do it too. Most of us have families, full-time careers, and/or school to balance into our lives as well (there’s room for things besides basketball, right?) This is an opportunity to join a staff of writers here who are just simply passionate about the Sacramento Kings and want to continue to reach the rest of this great fan base.

Seeking a bigger opportunity?

Think the Staff Writer role isn’t quite enough of a challenge for you? Have enough passion about this team and think you can help in leading the site and further building this community? Although we are not currently seeking an editor, there could be an opportunity for a motivated individual to advance to that role down the line.

Such a role is going to be much more involved than what we lay out above, both in terms of overall expectations and the benefits you’ll see for said efforts. It can be a great opportunity for someone looking to establish their voice on a great platform covering this team year-round.

Want to join us?

Applying is very easy. Click the link below and complete an application.

It’ll give you a chance to share some insight into your background (prior online writing experience is not necessary but always encouraged) and let us know why you’d be a fit on site, so give it your best. We’ll be in touch from there.