A Royal Roundtable: Thoughts on the Sacramento Kings New Uniforms

Apr 9, 2016; Sacramento, CA, USA; DJ Mixmaster Mike performs during half time of the game between the Sacramento Kings and Oklahoma City Thunder at Sleep Train Arena. The Kings won 114-112. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 9, 2016; Sacramento, CA, USA; DJ Mixmaster Mike performs during half time of the game between the Sacramento Kings and Oklahoma City Thunder at Sleep Train Arena. The Kings won 114-112. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports /

A Royal Pain is back with it’s Royal Roundtable Discussion. If you are new to the site or need a refresher, these articles start off with a topic that pertains with the Sacramento Kings.

The members of A Royal Pain then give their insights on the topic and can choose to debate with other members throughout the discussion. So without wasting any more time here is the topic that was selected for this discussion and the responses that were given by the ARP squad.

TOPIC: What are your thoughts on the new uniforms that the Sacramento Kings will rock next season? Which one is your favorite and are there any flaws about them?

RAFE (@rafnation):

First, I want to say that I think the uniforms are solid. It is a nice and clean uniform which has a good balance between all the team’s colors, which is really what any team could want. But in the case of where they rank in the league, I would say in the middle.

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The biggest flaw that I have with them is the font. It is a bit cookie cutter to me and it looks like they found the design off of Microsoft Word. Last year’s uniforms were not the best, but one thing for sure was that the font was iconic. No one else in the league rocked that font and when you saw it you knew it was the Kings. If they added an original font to the new jerseys they would be so much better in my opinion.

In terms of the best uniform, I would say it is a toss-up between their road purples and the global alternates. The road jersey looks clean and now understanding why there is a pattern design for the black uniforms they are starting to grow on me. They would, however, look so much meaner without the pattern design.


On a scale from “awful” to “perfect”, these jerseys are probably somewhere between “fine” and “nice”, which is good considering the depths to which sports jerseys can sink. There’s no “wow” factor to any of the new jerseys, but they don’t go in the opposite direction either.

The best jersey of the bunch – by a wide margin – is the “Global Alternate” jersey, the all-black ones. I loved the pattern even before I knew it was supposed to be chainmail, which is cool. The throwback to the old all-black jerseys is fantastic and makes me think of those Webber-Divac-Bibby-Peja teams, which I’m sure is a goal. They’re just so clean in a way that doesn’t quite carry over to the others.

The biggest flaw in these jerseys is just how digital they look. They seem almost artificial, even in the Willie Cauley-Stein video. The font plays a big role since those block letters and numbers scream “computer-generated” to me. Other than that, though, I don’t see any real problems. I’m sure I’ll be happy with these jerseys in the years to come, but I’m not so sure that I’ll be lining up to cop one for myself.

GABE (@Gabecal):

I’m probably going to be the biggest defender of the new uniforms, and I get that might be because of the fact that we have been waiting for a new look from the Kings for a long time now. I think they look pretty awesome.

And I’m very glad that two of the four new jerseys are the Kings’ signature purple. That color is one Sacramento should own and be instantly recognizable as being the Kings’ color.

The Global uniforms also bring the black back to Sac and are now arguably one of the best black uniforms in the league. I can’t wait to see the team when they wear them.

It is interesting that all the small details on the uniforms that have been included seem to have significance and a backstory. From the three little baby blue stitches to the “Sacramento Proud” tag to the “S” pattern on the Global jerseys, these are only noticeable if you are wearing the uniforms. Almost as if they are reminders to the players on who and what they are playing for.

The City uniforms might be my favorites. From the purple to the “SAC” on the front, it’s just all so “Sacramento Kings” and cool.

I’m even going to defend the font. I see where Rafe is coming from, but I will predict that the font will become iconic and instantly recognizable in the near future. I’m basing this off of a shirt I saw at the Team Store the other day. It was a simple gray T-shirt that said “Kings” across the front in the new font, and that was it. It was already easily recognized as the Sacramento Kings branding.

They purposely tried to incorporate and give homage to the past looks of the franchise and I appreciate that. I also think they pulled it off well. I can’t wait to see the team in their new jerseys on their new home court.

RAFE (@rafnation):

I also agree that the design team did a solid job in adding little touches of Sacramento onto the Kings new uniforms. Every fan base deserves that from their team.

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The reason why I disagree that the font will eventually become iconic is because various teams/brands have used it in the past. The Phoenix Suns old uniforms, And1, and the Oregon Ducks all have used the font. It is a nice and clean design, but I still believe the lettering lacks originality.

Lastly, the “SAC” uniforms are starting to grow on me, probably because I am a diehard Kings fan. But I honestly think that using “SACTOWN” on the uniforms instead would have looked better.

Also, if I had to buy one of the designed jerseys I would go with the road purples. Which ones would you guys want?

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GABE (@Gabecal):

I’d go for the road purples as well. And we can only hope that a “SACTOWN” jersey will be coming in the near future.