Game Preview: Sacramento Kings (6-11) at Golden State Warriors (17-0)


Coming fresh off a loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Sacramento Kings will try to bounce back against the Golden State Warriors. So far this season, the Warriors have not skipped a beat, as they have a record of 17-0 (NBA record). As for the Kings, they are 6-11, where their sluggish defense and absence of DeMarcus Cousins (for some games) have been the prime reasons for their subpar record so far.

In order for the Kings to hand the Warriors their first loss of the season, the Kings will first have to have an overall exceptional game.

This means limiting their number of turnovers, hitting perimeter shots at a high rate, and playing outstanding defense. Compared to other teams, the Warriors are ranked 1st in the league in points scored a game (115.5) and are ranked 11th in points allowed (99.7). Meaning, the Kings will have to play effectively on both ends of the court, which is something the team has not been accustomed to doing for the most part this season.

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Basically speaking, the Kings need to have a “A” grade game to even have a chance to come out with a win tonight.

Next, the Warriors will have to have an off game for the Kings to be competitive. For them, this means the “Splash Brothers” Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will have to struggle making shots, the team creating turnovers, and their defense struggling against the Kings offense. At the least, around a “C” game by the Warriors could give the Kings the upset. It sounds asinine to think the Warriors would have an off night, especially against the Kings, but it already has happened this season.

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It wasn’t too long ago where the Kings played the Warriors without Cousins, and Golden State struggled until a late fourth quarter splurge put them on top for the victory. Hopefully if the Warriors can replicate that performance and the Kings can play better, Sacramento may make a good game out of tonight.

Overall, for the Kings to be able to win this game the team as a collective group will have to have an excellent performance (their best of the season), while at the same time the Warriors will have to have an average game.

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The last time the Kings played in Oracle Arena, Klay Thompson recorded an NBA record 37 points in one quarter, which lead to a Warriors win 126-101. Lets not let that happen again. Also, the status of Cousins back injury remains to be unclear. If unable to play, the hefty task that the Kings already have tonight might have to become a David vs. Goliath situation for Sacramento.