Game Recap: Sacramento Kings Offense Too Much For Milwaukee Bucks In Win


With the help of Rudy Gay’s 36 points, the Sacramento Kings were able to pull off the statement win against the Milwaukee Bucks. With big man DeMarcus Cousins reported out for tonight’s game, it looked like the Kings were looking at another loss. But despite their defense giving up 118 points to the Bucks, the Kings offense was high-powered enough scoring a whopping 129 points.

On the offensive end, Sacramento was efficient from all aspects of their offense. The main catalysts for the Kings success for scoring tonight was Rajon Rondo recording 10 points, 13 assists, and 9 rebounds. This is the second time this season where Rondo was 1 rebound shy away of a triple-double (already with 4 this season).

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Other notable players for the Kings tonight were Omri Casspi with 19 points and 7 rebounds, Marco Belinelli with 17 points, and Darren Collison with 18 points.

What made tonight’s game encouraging for Kings fans was that the Kings finally recorded a win this season without the help of DeMarcus Cousins. In games without Boogie this season, the Kings were 0-5 (now 1-5).

With the mix of Sacramento just coming off a heartbreaking loss against the Hornets, Cousins being sidelined, and the Bucks being a solid contender, it seemed the Kings had no chance to win tonight. But fortunately the Kings were able to shake it off and everyone that wore purple on the court tonight played effectively on the offensive end.

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Overall, many assumed another loss for the Kings tonight, but with the offense being too much for the Bucks defense they were able to muscle out the win, eventually leading to Bucks head coach Jason Kidd to approach a referee and knocking the ball out of his hands in frustration.

Sacramento is gaining a reputation throughout the league of being an offensive force, and if they are able to add a stout defense to the mix they will be a team to be reckoned with.

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The next matchup for Sacramento will be back at Sleep Train Arena against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Hopefully Cousins is back to playing healthy and the Kings can give the home crowd another victory to add to the “W” column.