Game Preview: Sacramento Kings (4-9) at Orlando Magic (6-6)


The Sacramento Kings will try to turn around their 0-2 road trip in hopes of a win today against the Orlando Magic. In their two games on the road so far (Atlanta Hawks/Miami Heat) the Kings have been competitive, but just have not been able to make that extra push to claim victory.

Compared to Sacramento’s recent competition, Orlando is a more inferior team, and if the Kings want to come out with a win this time they have follow these keys to the game.

Feeding Boogie: DeMarcus Cousins will return back with the Kings due to serving a one-game suspension in Miami. In games without Cousins this season, the Kings have suffered a 0-5 record, and it’s obvious why.

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Right now, Cousins is having a career year, averaging 27.5 points, 11.1 rebounds, and 2.3 assists per contest. His dominance on both ends of the floor have greatly factored in to all the wins the Kings have had this season, and it looks like another dominant performance by Cousins will be needed today as well.

Defense: Defense has been a major issue for the Kings this season, and how they will perform today on this end of the court is crucial. Currently the Kings are ranked 29th in the league in points allowed a game, and there have been no signs of optimism that it will improve.

Whether its off lack of effort from the players, or not being on the same page on defensive assignments, the Kings have to end their trend of being inept defensively at least for today.

The Magic are not a power house offense, but young players like Evan Forunier and Victor Olidipo most certainly have the ability to score at will. The better the defense for Sacramento, the greater their chances are they come out with win.

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STOP The Turnovers: Déjà vu right? If the Kings are going to continue turning over the ball to their opponents at a high rate, then expect ball security to continue being a key to for these game previews. During this road trip, turnovers have been the major villain preventing Sacramento from success.

In the course of their last two games, the Kings have averaged 19 turnovers a game, and they have also come in crucial moments in the fourth quarter. For the 15th billionth time, if the Kings are able to take care of the ball today, and for the remainder of the season, their offense will give defenses havoc on a gamely basis.

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Final Thoughts: For a Kings win today, DeMarcus Cousins must dominate, the Kings defense must buckle down, and turnovers have to be limited. The Kings record is at 4-9, and they’re losing ground to make the playoffs in a extremely stacked Western Conference. Winning games like today are a must for Sacramento if they do indeed want to make the playoffs this season.