Game Preview: Los Angeles Clippers (0-0) at Sacramento Kings (0-0)


After enduring a summer as being the joke around the league, the Sacramento Kings will finally start their regular season today against the Los Angeles Clippers. Today might be one of the most highly anticipated games that the Kings will play in the Sacramento era, as they introduce their new roster makeup that they constructed last offseason.

Because of the many personnel changes to the team, it has resulted in a lot fans believing the hype, and for the Kings to live up to that buildup (at least for tonight) they must follow these three keys to the game.

Limiting Turnovers: What was responsible for many of the losses the Kings had last season was the alarming rate of turnovers they committed, as Sacramento was ranked 27th in the league in turnovers lost (15.6) last season. If that trend continues onto tonight’s game, not only will it cause the offense to be inefficient, but it will add momentum for the Clippers throughout the game.

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Production Off The Bench: Unlike last year, the Kings have depth on their bench. Players like Darren Collison, Marco Belinelli, and Willie Cauley-Stein will play big roles in helping the bench perform well on both ends of the court.

We know what kind of efficiency to expect from starters like DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay (possibly a no-show), but if the reserves can follow them up playing efficient as well, it will help the Kings immensely tonight.

Boogie Power: There’s a reason why Cousins is known as one of the best big man in the game today. His dominance both offensively and defensively have anchored many wins in the past for the Kings. In order to come out with another win against a competitive Clippers squad, Boogie must have the kind of game he is accustomed to having, which is to simply dominate his opponents. 

Final Thoughts: Overall, if the Kings can achieve the three keys that I’ve listed above, they should be competitive for a win tonight. My prediction for tonight’s game is that I think the Kings will start the season out with a win. I think with all the energy of the season opener, and the anticipation to see this new roster play at a high level will be a catalyst for the Kings, which will lead to a hard fought victory.

The Kings will enter their 31st home opener tonight, and the last one in Sleep Train Arena. Hopefully all goes well for the players in black tonight as the countdown to the final season in Sleep Train will officially begin its final season.

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