Post-Preseason Roster Battles

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Who’s the Odd Man Out?

In order of likely job security, between Quincy Acy (guaranteed contract), Seth Curry (guaranteed), Eric Moreland (non-guaranteed), Duje Dukan (partially guaranteed) and David Stockton (non-guaranteed) it has to be Stockton.

From our own Ti Windisch:

"Despite their limited playing time this preseason basically making them even in that sense, Dukan will probably get the nod. Partly because he’s the younger player who may have more potential than Stockton, who’s been around the Kings for a while now. Plus, the Kings are actually fairly staked with point guard talent at the moment. Stockton would be battling Rondo, Collison and Curry for minutes, and he probably ends up behind all of them on the depth chart."

Ti’s exactly right. There’s little to no room for another point guard on this roster, much less one in the form of Stockton, whose physical profile is below average, defense is less than stellar, shooting is suspect and whose contract is easily-cuttable.

Not to mention, the size and skills of Moreland and Dukan are more unique — to the Kings, especially — than Stockton’s are.

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