Weekly Twitter Report: The Sacramento Kings Best in 140 Or Less


It’s no surprise that Twitter has taken social media by storm as it engulfs all things Celebrity, Entertainment, Politics, Hobbies, Oddities, local, national and worldwide “Drama”, and of course, Sports.

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It is an up to the second instantaneous and never ending stream of information has given the unique and unparalleled ability to create a fanbase and following in record time.  Long gone are the “Overnight Celebrities”, “News Flash” articles & “Breaking News” reports that were only available in print & televised that mediums.

We are in the digital age, and if you aren’t equipped with a solid data plan,  decent battery life, or following the correct and seemingly credible sources, you’re always going to be 140 characters late, and an internet minute behind on what’s going on.

The Sacramento Kings first regular season game is still 2 weeks away, when the Kings open up against the LA Clippers at home for the first game of their last games at the Sleep Train Arena.  Story lines are beginning to heat up and controversy has once again attempted to stall the momentum Sacramento has going.

Beginning here, I will be bringing you weekly reports on all things King’s related on Twitter.  Here’s what you may have missed unless you have this generation’s addiction to be up to the minute on what’s going on in the Twittersphere, or you are, you know, a normal person.

First things first, the countdown is on.

Paul Bolos @Jojosdaddy04 Tweets daily towards the countdown to our season opener, our new arena’s opening, and of course, the ESPN 30 For 30 Premier of its documentary on the Sacramento Kings, “Down in Valley”.  Notice something odd? Well…

@ABC10 local news was one of many to report after @Deadspin broke the story by posting a video of Sacramento’s own Mayor Kevin Johnson’s accuser in a past trial relaying events of an alleged Sexual Molestation legal case.  The case is pending, but nonetheless, a well deserving audience has been deprived of a promised viewing date for a documentary not even close to being focused on the man who is facing the allegations.

Kings fans across town were outraged, and it looks like we will have to wait a bit longer in order to see what director Jason Hehir had in store for fans.

Never fear, our alleged “Sleeper MVP” is here and had some fantastic words to say about our upcoming season. Via @Carmichael Dave, Co-Host of local KHTK Sports 1140 Radio’s  “Dave, Duece, and Morgan Show”.

It’s clear that this year it is “Sacramento Vs. Everybody”, and no matter what is thrown our way, Sacramento hopeful’s, fans, resident’s alike have every right to be excited.

It will be a mixture of course, especially getting the season rolling. As a widely speculated starting lineup has yet to be confirmed.  Who will co-star along our “Big 3” of Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins, and Rajon Rondo?  Head Coach George Karl offers a little bit of insight, but even less clarification.

Via Morgan Raggan @momoragan , another Co-Host of local KHTK Sports 1140 Radio’s  “Dave, Duece, and Morgan Show”

Most important of all tweets that came across my timeline this week, was one from Grant Napear, the voice of the Sacramento Kings – @GrantNapearShow

With all this speculation on who is going to start where, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters most is who’s is remaining on the court when the game is on the line.  When Collison/Rondo bring the ball past center court, where does it go next?

Considering neither could be trusted for a pull up jumper outside of a desperation shot, who gets the ball in the waning seconds of the game?  Is it a dribble and dish to a wingside Rudy or McLemore?  A penetrate and pass or post up move to Boogie in the middle?

My answer comes from none other than A Royal Pain’s own Ti Windisch. @TiWindisch

Marco Bellinelli is ready for more than just a system player.  Alongside Rondo, he is our biggest acquisition this offseason, and will be the ultimate x-factor in our lineup.  If Boogie is Webber and Rondo is J-will, Belinelli is our Peja Stojakovic-with a vengeance.  Look for him to have the ball in the final moments of a game, and trusted to do the right thing in order to bring home the victory.

I’ll be bringing you weekly twitter updates and opinions from throughout the Sacramento area related to The Kings.  Feel like their is something I missed?  Something you would like me to address?  Or flat out don’t disagree with something I decided was prominent within Sacramento’s own corner of the Twittersphere?

Feel free to reply here on ARoyalPain.com, or follow along and reply to me on Twitter, @FCRubalcaba.  Good luck keeping up with the speed #KingsTwitter, if the preseason is any indicator of what the season holds in store for us, it’ll one hell of a timeline busting, notification popping time.

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