A Royal Prospect: Kristaps Porzingis


Kristaps Porzingis

Height: 7’ 0” Weight: 220

Kristaps Porzingis is a very intriguing international player that has had scouts eyes for some time. He has a unique ability for player of his size. He can run the floor and be effective on both ends of the floor. On offense he is a guy that has the ability to step out and make three point shots. He can also be effective around the hoop but isn’t a guy who you throw the ball to on the block and let him go to work. His shot is released quickly and smoothly. He can finish above the rim. On defense he can protect the rim and guard both fours and fives. He will need to learn when to rotate, especially with some of the athletes that are currently in the NBA.

For the Kings, he seems to be an ideal fit. George Karl loves an uptempo offense with shooters, and Porzingis can be that. On the offensive end, he can help spread the floor with his mid-range and three-point shooting ability. He can also catch and finish around and above the rim. DeMarcus Cousins has tremendous passing ability and could team with Porzingis to create a dynamic post to post passing game. Think DeAndre Jordan catching lobs from Blake Griffin. While he may not be quite as athletic, it will have a similar feel. On defense, he can provide the post defender the Kings have coveted. He can block shots and provide solid help defense. He has the ability to recover to his man after providing help.


He will need to add strength if he wants to be a consistent producer in the NBA. That can be said for most 19-year-olds. His frame will be fine with the added weight and his athleticism shouldn’t be affected.

He will be able to fill minutes at the power forward spot next to Cousins as well as some time at center, with Rudy Gay at power forward.

He is one of the biggest wild cards in this draft. He is starting to garner a ton of buzz, as some scouts believe he could go in the top-5 come June’s draft. With the Kings picking at No. 6, there is a good chance he is there to be had. With Vlade Divac’s international influence and the front offices desire for an open offense with shooting he could make a ton of sense. My biggest reservation about Porzingis coming to Sacramento is the expressed desire to “win now.” Porzingis could take some time to develop his game and his body. He may two to three seasons away from providing a serious impact.

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