A Royal Acquisition: Danny Green


"Our ‘A Royal Acquisition’ series takes a look at pending free agents or potential trade targets that could make sense for the Sacramento Kings this offseason. These columns are meant to be speculative by nature. Some may have actual rumors and insider speculation behind them, and some may not. You’ve been warned. In this column, Rafe Wong takes a look at San Antonio Spurs free agent, Danny Green."

Danny Green

Height; 6’6 Weight: 215

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The Player: What better way to improve your team than to add a player with championship blood to the mix? Danny Green, who has been with the Spurs since 2010, definitely knows what it takes to make it to the promise land.

Green is the definition of a perfect role player. Being a three-point marksman and an efficient defender, Green was a huge part of the Spurs NBA Championship team last season.

Statistics: Green’s stats pretty much reflect what he did with the Spurs. This season, Green averaged around 11.7 points, 2 assists, and 4.2 rebounds per contest, but the stats that fans need to look at are his three point shooting percentage and defensive rating.

Last season, Green made 41.8% of his three pointers, which is solid considering he shot over 450 of them. He recorded an exceptional defensive rating of 98.4 in the regular season. On a San Antonio squad that emphasizes that everyone do their “job”, Green has excelled in doing exactly what Gregg Popovich requires .

The Acquisition: The possibility of Danny Green moving on from San Antonio seems slim, but considering that he is an unrestricted free agent, anything is possible. For the Spurs, Kawhi Leonard seems to be their main priority this offseason, which might result in Green receiving an offer the Spurs don’t want to match. If that’s the case, it’s no question that the Kings could afford Green, but the question is if either side wants to agree to a deal.

The Fit: The fit is definitely there if Green agrees to play for Sacramento. Two deficiencies that the Kings have had in recent past is lack of defense and three-point shooting. Green has proven throughout his career that he can definitely fulfill these needs for Sacramento.

Overall, the addition of Green would help two great needs that the Kings have unsuccessfully fulfilled for quite a while. In San Antonio, Green played shooting guard, but I can see him playing small forward as well because of his versatility on defense.

Final Thoughts: Danny Green has proven to be reliable as a shooter and defender, but can he produce the same results as he did with the Spurs? The San Antonio Spurs are the real deal. They are an elite team that has won championships for an organization that includes one of the greatest coaches of all time, and one of the best big three squads in NBA history.

If Green were to be a King, it’s not guaranteed that his production will be the same in Sacramento because of the lack of assets presented on the current roster. To conclude, I think Green would be a great addition for Sacramento, as long as it is not the primary acquisition for the Kings this offseason.

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