‘A Royal Pain’ Staff Consensus Sacramento Kings Draft Board, Pick #2


"Welcome to this weeks Royal Roundtable, and the continuation of our cumulative staff Sacramento Kings draft board. Every Sunday from today until the draft, you can check out the A Royal Pain team debate what the Kings draft board should look like come June 25th. Last week, Karl Towns landed the first spot on our board. This week? Well, You’ll see …"

Tony Xypteras (@TonyXypteras): I used some combination of my powers as Royal Roundtable moderator and a consensus vote to place Karl Towns at the top of our staff draft board. I still feel pretty good about that.

Things are about to get a little tricky.

Based on how last session went, it doesn’t sound like there are any Jahlil Okafor fans on staff. I’d probably fit into that same group. I’m not the biggest Okafor fan, but if we are being honest, and looking at this in true draft board fashion, I might put Okafor in that second position without any intention of having him play for the Sacramento Kings.

In this theoretical draft board universe, and the Kings had the second overall pick with Karl Towns off the board, I’d strongly consider drafting and simultaneously trading Okafor. I don’t like the fit here for obviously DeMarcus Cousins related reasons, but it’s hard to argue against his talent, and the potential value that talent would have around the league.

I’m assuming the rest of you are sticking to your guns? Kyle, you’re still all in on Winslow here? Raf, D’Angelo Russell is still your guy?

Connor Schumock (@ConnorSchumock): I feel like D’Angelo Russell would be the best pick for the Kings at #2. Darren Collison preformed well in his first year as a King, but he never played a game under George Karl due to injury. Russell would bring versatility, size, and shooting to the backcourt, and allow Collison to come off the bench, something he is probably better suited to do. Russell is an elite offensive player who can score from the perimeter and finish at the rim. While his lack of top tier athleticism may hamper his two-way potential, he has the skills to be an elite offensive player.

The two most valuable skills Russell would bring to the Kings is his shooting and playmaking ability. After making 41% of his three point attempts in his lone college season, his accuracy from deep would be very valuable along the perimeter. Russell is also an elite playmaker, as he averaged five assists per game while being the primary scorer in the offense. With talented players like Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore, and DeMarcus Cousins around him, there’s no telling how productive Russell could become.

Kyle Robert (

Surprise, surprise, Justise Winslow is my pick. I was willing to take him at number one. I like the potential for Winslow to impact this Kings team right away with his defense, and the ability to develop on the offensive end. I can envision a scenario where Milwaukee Bucks free agent Khris Middleton fills the role I envision for Justise Winslow. I would be fine with Russell being number two on our board. This Middleton scenario makes Russell a no brainer for me. I love idea of Russell on the Kings. He can play as point guard next to Ben McLemore and Nik Stauskas, but he can also slide over and let Darren Collison run the show if need be.

Raf Wong (@rafnation): Right now I have Russell, Towns, and Winslow as my top three prospects for this draft class. I have Russell at #1 because of his potential stardom. It seems like Russell is on his way to being an offensive dominate guard, and has the ability based on his size and length to be a solid defender as well. If Russell is able to reach his potential, it will create a point guard duo in him and Darren Collison that in my opinion will cause havoc for opponents.

I am starting to put Winslow ahead of Towns. To me, Winslow is a safe pick; every team can use a Justise Winslow. His defense and effort are unquestionable, and his offense is raw, but nothing that can’t be improved overtime. Unlike Russell and Towns, I don’t see Winslow ever becoming a star, but I do envision him being a glue piece that helps bring a team together and develop chemistry.

Despite the potential Karl Towns can bring to the Kings, the reason for putting him at #3 is because of the high possibility of adding a big man in either a trade or free agency. I also think that if the Kings drafted Towns, he would start immediately next to Cousins at the four, which would eliminate the idea of Rudy Gay starting at the four next season. An idea that I am very intrigued about.

Tony Xypteras (

Well, it’s too late now. Karl Towns is 1


on our draft board, and I’m not giving in on that one.

It looks like the solid consensus here is for D’Angelo Russell. He wouldn’t be my pick, but I’ve got to respect the roundtable, and the roundtable has spoken.

Congratulations, D’Angelo Russell. You’ve landed the second spot on our staff draft board.


 A Royal Pain Staff Draft Board

  1. Karl-Anthony Towns, Kentucky, PF/C
  2. D’Angelo Russell, Ohio State, PG
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?

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