Omri Casspi and His Agent are Talking to the Sacramento Kings?


I spent a small part of my morning listening to Omri Casspi’s incredible interview on KHTK with Carmichael Dave and Keith Brooks from April 20th. You can check out that interview here. I highly recommend it.

It triggered the memory of a tweet I received back on April 16th that I meant to pass along. Here is said tweet.

I did my own Google translating for quoting purposes. I have three translations for you. This is the best I could do.

"“I am a Player free, there is talk between it and my agent and I talk to them and I very much want to stay.” – Omri Casspi / Babylon Translation“I feel very comfortable here, love it. I’m a free agent. There is talk among my agent and I talk to them. I really want to stay.” – Omri Casspi / Google Translation“I feel very comfortable here, I love it here. I’m a free agent. There is talk with my agent and I talk to them. I really want to stay. I know that positive direction and very like me in the group, and then wait for the summer.” – Omri Casspi / Microsoft Translation"

In all honesty, part of the reason I’m posting this is because it’s been a slow couple of days in Kings land. The NBA playoffs are in full swing, a lot of the Kings players are on vacation, etc. The newsworthiness of this quote is debatable, but it is nice to know that Casspi’s agent and the Kings are talking, if the information I could gather is correct. I would put this under the ‘rumor’ umbrella, simply because I don’t speak Hebrew, and I can’t personally confirm the context or spirit of his quotes. If accurate, at least it lets me know that some interest is there from the Kings end, which is something that has been a concern of mine.

I also appreciate the nostalgia of reporting on and translating foreign reports and interviews. I vaguely remember translating an Argentinian newspaper to read quotes about how unhappy Andres Nocioni was in Sacramento. If I am remembering that wrong, I’d like to offer my sincerest apologies to Mr. Nocioni.

Or maybe this is just another excuse to voice my support for Omri Casspi’s return next season. Either way, there you go.

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