Sacramento Kings must-watch game vs Dallas Mavericks (February 3)

SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 4: Willie Cauley-Stein
SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 4: Willie Cauley-Stein /

Check out why the Sacramento Kings’ matchup against the Dallas Mavericks on February 3rd is a must-watch game for Kings fans.

The schedule for the Sacramento Kings‘ upcoming season is officially locked in, which now gives basketball fans a better idea of which games to look forward to in the campaign.

With that being said, A Royal Pain has decided to analyze the Kings’ schedule and see which games are a must watch for the team’s fans. We continue the series on breaking down the Kings-Dallas Mavericks contest which is scheduled to be played on February 3rd.

Listed down below are three headlines that could make this game intriguing towards basketball fans.

Headline 1: Rookie Point Guard Matchup

This will be the most significant headline of this contest. Both De’Aaron Fox and Dennis Smith were top-tier picks in this year’s draft class and have had great offseasons so far, giving people the belief both will be solid players in the NBA.

This game will be the second time the Kings and Mavericks will meet other during the season. I believe this game is a better matchup to look forward to (compared to the first) because both rookies will have a good amount of NBA experience under their belts prior to the game. The first time these teams will face each other will be in their second games of their seasons, which creates a good possibility that both squads will be rusty.

Having two top rookies face each other with no rust is a game that should be filled with excitement.

Headline 2: Updates on the Rebuilds

Believe it or not, but the Kings and Mavericks are in similar situations. Both teams are looking to rebuild their rosters in order to be competitive for the future when the current Western Conference powerhouses are past their primes. This matchup should be exciting because both teams have a good amount of young talent on their rosters. Who does the rebuild better? The Mavericks or the Kangz?

Headline 3: Hield better than Curry?

The running joke that Buddy Hield is as good of a shooter as Stephen Curry, arguably the best shooter in NBA history. Can he even outplay Stephen’s younger brother, Seth?

This game will display both Hield and Curry who are expected to be their team’s best shooters. Both players have shown their fingertips can catch fire real quick, which gives this game the potential to be an entertaining shootout for fans to witness.

Final Thoughts

A Royal Pain has basketball fans covered on everything possible with the Sacramento Kings. Stay tuned as our site will provide writing content consisted of what fans need to know in order to get ready for the upcoming NBA season.