Ed Sheeran Is Feeling Sacramento Proud

Check out how Ed Sheeran embraced the city of Sacramento during his recent concert at the Golden 1 Center.

Last night, popular music artist, Ed Sheeran, performed at the glorious Golden 1 Center in part of his long-tenured concert tour. Due to being in California’s capital city, Sheeran decided to embrace the community of Sacramento by rocking the Kings’ name on his chest.


Listed down below is a video clip (credit to Golden 1 Center’s Twitter account) of Sheeran performing at the Golden 1 Center last night. As one can see, he is rocking a Sacramento Kings jersey on stage as he is performing.

To be specific, the uniform Sheeran is wearing is part of the team’s alternate design which is a purple jersey with the label “SAC” embroidered on the chest.

Also, the famous music artist is rocking a #17 jersey as well, but it’s unknown in the clip whether it was a Garrett Temple jersey or not. Would be awesome if it was though.


What, There’s More?

Not only did the Sheeran embrace the Kings franchise last night, but he also donned a Sacramento Republic jersey as well. Listed down below is a picture (credit to Sacramento Republic’s Twitter account) of him showing his support towards Sacramento’s professional soccer team.

Final Thoughts

It’s nice to see more popular figures support the city of Sacramento. It wasn’t too long ago when Bruno Mars embraced Sacramento when he recently performed at the Golden 1 Center as well.

Hopefully, more celebrities will visit and perform at Sacramento’s new entertainment facility and embrace the city’s culture as well!