Questions Kings Fans Should Have Relating to the Michael Malone Hiring


Today most Kings fans will find out the news that former head coach Michael Malone has agreed to coach the Denver Nuggets this upcoming season. Although Malone is a former coach, he was, and still is beloved by Kings fans, therefore are happy to see him get another chance at being an NBA coach. Despite this news being close to irrelevant towards the Kings, it has some of us fans asking questions.

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For one, fans already know the relationship Malone has with Kings center DeMarcus Cousins, which raises the question if Cousins will try to pursue going to the Nuggets in the future? It’s no secret that DeMarcus has strong feelings towards his former coach. Malone was one of the few people in humanity to get through to Cousins, which developed a strong bond.

Rumors have also risen about the possibility of Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson potentially coming to Sacramento as well, to be reunited with former coach George Karl. So I don’t know, are we sensing a potential trade in the making where both these players reunite with their former coaches? Unfortunately for Kings fan, it definitely is possible, especially if the Kings do not starting winning soon.

Another question asked related to the Michael Malone hiring is who is actually responsible for Malone leaving Sacramento in the first place? When Malone was first released by Sacramento, people speculated whether it was Kings owner Vivek Ranadive or former general manager Pete D’Alessandro that terminated the relationship.

As hardcore Kings fans know, D’Alessandro not too long ago accepted a front office job with the Nuggets, having him and Malone reunited again as peers. Because of this fact, is Ranadive the actual ring leader to letting Malone go? I doubt it, but only people within the organization will know.

Although this news affects the Kings in no way, it still gives Kings fans something to talk about because of Malone’s past relationship with the organization. Again, the firing of Michael Malone was very unpopular in Sacramento, and to see him have another coaching opportunity makes the Kings community ecstatic, as should the Nuggets.

When the Nuggets come to Sacramento next season, there is no doubt that Kings fan will give Coach Malone a friendly ovation for what he briefly did in Sacramento.