Sacramento Kings Final Grades: Rudy Gay, Jason Thompson, Carl Landry and Eric Moreland


Final grades are not always easy to do, especially if you’re grading a product that was not as good as it was promised to be. OK, let me take that back, final grades on inferior products is ALWAYS easiest to grade, but our Sacramento Kings are different.

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Though they did have another off season, we were treated to what could lie ahead in the future, and I got to be honest with you, the future looks pretty darn good if the front office can make some good decisions regarding the draft and free agency.

But we at A Royal Pain will look at that as the offseason rolls along. Today, it’s all about grading the team from the past, the 2014-15 edition of the Kings, and today, I will be grading the Power Forwards. So, without further or do, let’s go!

Rudy Gay: B+

Gay began this season at small forward, but when George Karl arrived in the second half of the season, he had a vision to move Rudy to the power forward position. I was skeptical at first about the move, but in the end, it was one of the better moves of the year. Rudy can stretch out a defense, and that can be valuable next season as it will open up the paint for DeMarcus Cousins to do his damage in the inside. He was brilliant all year, but the reason he gets that grade that he gets is because during the time Cousins was out, he should had stepped up, and quite frankly, I didn’t see that. So it dented his grade a little, but overall, he had a solid year, and even bigger things should be in-store for next year.

Jason Thompson: D

I know a lot of people would like to give Thompson a past, but he has had over seven years now to develop into the player that we all think he can be. His 6.1 ppg is not going to cover it for the amount of money the Kings are paying him, and it’s time for the team to cut him loose. Sorry to be the grim reaper, but it’s the truth.

Carl Landry: C+

I love Landry’s heart and dedication, and he is a great energy option off the bench. But I truly believe that for the betterment of his career, he should head to a team that has title aspirations. Again, I LOVE Landry’s game, but at this stage in his career, it is better suited for a title contender, not a rebuilding team like the Kings.

Eric Moreland: Can’t Grade

Eric Moreland played too little to give an accurate grade to. I mean, how am I going to grade one rebound and two points in three games? You’re asking me to do far too much for my pay grade folks.