Late Run by Jazz Cost Sacramento Kings an Easter Win


Remember a week and a half ago when the Kings were on their four game winning streak and optimism was starting to rejuvenate back throughout the franchise once again? Well these last five games have officially dropped that enthusiasm to ground zero as the Kings lose their fifth straight game to the Jazz , 101-95.

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Like our very own editor Tony Xypteras explained in his game preview today, the Jazz showed the Kings how rebuilding a team should be like.

This game was like a boxing match which consisted of a series of back and forth punches by each team, but unfortunately the Jazz had the last punch, and it was a big one.

Each team had their share of mini-runs throughout the game, but the Jazz were able to muscle out one last run which was solely due to the work of Jazz rookie Rodney Hood, who scored 25 points total points (13 in the fourth). Doesn’t this guy only average around eight points a game??

The one Kings that stood out from the rest was, of course, DeMarcus Cousins.

Although short of what would be three consecutive games recording a triple double, Cousins still found a way to be efficient. Cousins was successful in having his way with Utah’s Twin Towers (Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors) tallying 26 points and 12 rebounds, giving him his 47th double-double of the season.

Another King that I thought played well was Ben McLemore, as he finished with 20 points, five rebounds, four assists, and also added four steals. Ben looked comfortable on both sides of the court, and especially looked confident with his jumpshot.

I thought Ben had a good game, but what separated it from being a great game was some costly plays that he made; like missing an alley-oop dunk and blowing back-to-back assists in one sequence, which both eventually shifted the momentum of the game favoring the Jazz at the time.

Overall, the game was close for three and half quarter, but that last half quarter was really the difference maker which favored the Jazz at the end, and also tampered with “Sauce Castillo Night”.

The Kings next matchup will be against the young Minnesota Timberwolves, which should favor the Kings to win. Other than that, Happy Easter and I hope tonight’s loss didn’t ruin your holiday too much.