Sacramento Kings Left Their Play In New York, Trampled In San Antonio


The Sacramento Kings certainly played to their nickname in New York on Tuesday night, but that was against the hapless Knicks. On Wednesday, Sacramento was in San Antonio to play the defending champion Spurs.

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How did it go? Well, let’s just say the Kings were involved in another blowout, but this time, it was the Kings on the wrong end of a 112-85 showing inside the AT&T Center.

For a brief quarter (1st), the Kings looked like they had brought their A-game with them from the Big Apple, but as soon as the second quarter rolled around, what had once been a one point lead over the Spurs, turned into a 54-38 halftime deficit for the visitors.

It was a second quarter to forget for Sacramento, who saw their well-oiled offense grind completely to a halt, partly due to bad shooting, and more to do with the Spurs stingy defense. By the time halftime came, the Kings were KO’d right out of the game.

But what did we really expect? Sure, Sacramento has the talent to hang with the defending champs, but the Spurs have the experience and had the rest, and the Kings were no match for a fight tonight. The Spurs were happy to be home and they played like it. The Kings traveled nearly 1,600 miles overnight and they played like it after the first quarter.

At least the Kings can get a little rest after they fly to Central Florida tonight to play the Orlando Magic on Friday, but they could had used a little rest between New York and San Antonio, that way, the Kings would had been a little sharp for the first half.

So to sum it all up, the Kings were flat, the Spurs were sharp, and the end result was a dominating Spurs victory and a loss that some are marking as the worst so far in the George Karl era.

But Sacramento has to shake this off and get ready for the Magic on Friday. If they need a little more energy, they can always visit the Happiest Place on Earth while in Orlando.