What’s next for Ray McCallum on the Sacramento Kings?


Before the Sacramento Kings extended a two-year contract to Ramon Sessions last week, it was expected that Ray McCallum would open the season as the backup point guard.

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Of course, now with Sessions signed, the picture gets a little more cloudy. What does the Sessions acquisition mean for Ray McCallum moving forward? Well, there are a few scenarios in play.

Could the move have been completed with the idea of a trade? Most certainly so and the suggestion of a trade isn’t limited to Ray McCallum, either. You can never have too many assets and despite struggling to find a home this offseason, Ramon Sessions has proven himself to be a worthwhile player. He certainly didn’t struggle to sign with a team because he wasn’t talented, more like a desire to find an inflated contract that wasn’t out there.

All that said, both Ray McCallum and Ramon Sessions now become viable trade assets if the Kings decide to look that way.

On the flip side, it’s very possible the Sacramento Kings made the addition to give Ray McCallum more development time. Right or wrong, Pete D’Alessandro and company want the Sacramento Kings in the playoffs this year. Actually getting there is a completely different story, but that’s what they’re aiming for. Questions loom if McCallum is ready to handle those type of duties. Yes, he has show flashes but he’s also shown his inexperience as well and if you truly are attempting to make a postseason run (or at least have a winning record), you can’t have that type of player handling major minutes.

Essentially, it was the Kings finding a bigger, nicer television than they already had in the clearance section.

It’s very possible that Ray McCallum could eventually play his way into the rotation but it seems as if the Kings want ball handling experience in the back court.

Given that, while a trade (be it soon or down the road) isn’t out of the question, it seems as if the Kings simply saw value sitting on the wire and struck.

Essentially, it was the Kings finding a bigger, nicer television than they already had in the clearance section of a big box store. Do you need it? Not really. But it would certainly be nice to have, especially for a bottom basement price. You can figure out what you’re going to do with your current TV after you get your new one home.