Sacramento Kings unveil updated jerseys for 2014-15 season (Photo)


For weeks (more like months) we’ve heard and seen suggestions that the Sacramento Kings would be altering their uniform for the 2014-15 season.

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The additions (and subtractions) wouldn’t be significant though they would be noticeable.

A couple weeks back photos of the new look emerged via an NBA product catalog though they were spotty in nature and taken from angles that didn’t show off the entire jersey. Now the Kings have unveiled the new threads themselves and place them for sale at the Kings store.

As known, the changes weren’t wholesale (at least not this season) though you’ll notice the Kings have dropped their current script for the script worn during their ‘glory’ years when Chris Webber and company were running the NBA’s Western Conference.

You’ll also notice the yellow tab on the neckline of the jerseys. That’s the NBA’s new addition which commemorates a franchise who won a championship. Considering most franchises have done so, nearly all teams will be rocking the swatch.

Personally, I’m still a fan of the Sacramento Kings current black alternate jersey but the changes to the current collection of home and road threads are still pretty nice.

How say you? Like the updates? Or should the Kings have kept things the same?