Nik Stauskas is not the same player as Jimmer Fredette


First things first, let me be clear I’m not knocking former Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette. But in the minutes since Nik Stauskas was drafted by the Kings with the No. 8 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, there have been an absurdly large amount of comparisons between the two players.

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Such comparisons aren’t accurate however as Stauskas and Fredette, while both talented shooters, are nothing alike in game, size or skill set.

Yes, both have the ability to hit shots from 35 feet out with a shocking ease, but that’s where their comparable talents stop. First off, Stauskas is a completely different player off size alone. While Fredette checks in at a respectable 6’2, the former Michigan Wolverine cleared 6’6 and a half during the scouting combine (not to mention absurdly long arms that allow for easy shot release). That might not seem like a big difference, but it’s huge in the grand scheme of things. Nik Stauskas also has a bigger frame than Fredette as a rookie, checking in 10-15 pounds heavier (depending on the report you’re viewing) than the former BYU talent.

Neither player will ever be known for their skills on the defensive side of the ball, but Nik Stauskas brings with him a much larger arsenal of offensive weapons which include being one of the best ball handling two-guards in the draft (if not the best). That’s a welcome change from Fredette, who despite his best efforts looked rather lost with the ball in his hands and despite the occasional solid pass, turned the ball over too frequently.

Stauskas also brings with him a very good pick and roll game, something you don’t see out of shooting guards all that often and while not a freakish athlete by any stretch, can get up and play at the rim occasionally. Needless to say, he’s a much more complete player as a rookie than Fredette will likely ever be.

So yes, while both players are known for their shooting skills, you’ll quickly see that the two players share little else in common.

If anything, Stauskas is the player so many wanted Fredette to be.

Whether or not that’s what you wanted on the Kings roster is a different story, but as far as the comparisons between the two, they’re nothing alike.