Sacramento Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins reads ‘Mean Tweets’ on Jimmy Kimmel (Video)


If you’ve never watched the Jimmy Kimmel Live show before, you’re probably not aware of the segment ‘Mean Tweets’.

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Essentially what goes down with the bit is Kimmel will gather together a handful of celebrities and have them read rude and hurtful tweets about themselves. It’s rather basic in idea but it often creates some rather hilarious moments, like the one which aired on Sunday night featuring NBA players reading mean tweets about themselves.

One of the players involved was DeMarcus Cousins who has been hitting the national television hard in recent weeks including an appearance on ESPN.

This appearance took place on ESPN’s parent company, ABC (his second on Kimmel in the last week) and as expected, it was quite the funny moment.

If you just want to watch Cousins, he appears at the 1:43 mark of the video.