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Sacramento Kings 2013-14 Season Grades: Carl Landry


When the 2013 offseason began, Carl Landry likely wasn’t atop the wishlist of many Sacramento Kings fans, but after a rather odd exchange with Andre Iguodala, Landry became the Kings ‘prized’ offseason acquisition.

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Unfortunately for Landry, his second stint in Sacramento got off to a rocky start as he suffered a hip injury that forced him to miss the vast majority of the season.

Still, Landry did see nearly twenty games of action so how did he do in the eyes of the ARP staff?


The main failing of Pete’s tenure as GM so far has been Landry. To be fair, we won’t be able to call the signing a failure until Landry actually plays for a few months, but it was a disappointment for a team that needed consistent veteran production early in the season. Still, that $6.5 million a year contract seemed large when Landry signed it, and it only looms larger now.

Grade: Incomplete


It’s not entirely his fault, but it’s hard to classify the 2013-14 season as anything more than a failure for Carl Landry. His signing raised some eyebrows, and before he even took the court, Landry fell victim to a hip injury that sidelined him until January. When he returned, it understandably took him a while to find a comfort level. Landry never established himself as the player he was brought into be — a big-time bench producer on the offensive end. And before he could get fully comfortable, a knee injury took him out for the year after 18 games. Landry will be hard to move, so Kings fans have to hope the forward uses the summer to get healthy and come back as the talented scorer that he has proven to be in the past.

Grade: F


I wasn’t exactly against Landry coming back, though I did think it was an odd move given the collection of talent on the team. I’m not sure if the Kings thought they’d have an easier time trading Jason Thompson or what, but whatever the case, it was a weird fit. Seemed like somewhat of a panic move, though, don’t get me wrong – Landry can play and he does fit a role for the Kings. That said, his second stint with the Kings started off horrible and didn’t get much better when he actually did see the floor as he returned from injury. Granted, his performance on the court was marred by his recovery and to his credit, despite lower minutes, his efficiency elevated highly during the final month of the season which did give some hope. Regardless, for about fifteen of those games, Landry looked rather rusty. Here’s to an improved 2014-15 campaign.

Grade: D+