Sacramento Kings’ Derrick Williams trade recap, review, reactions

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"Don’t get me wrong – I like Luc. I think he’s a solid role player and if you’re a team pushing fifty wins, he’s exactly the type of glue-guy a team needs. But the Kings aren’t that nor are they going to be that for a few years at least. Luc is what he is – a journeyman, role player. Some might take that as an insult, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, that’s his ceiling. Yes he plays hard and yes he’s a solid defender a times, but nothing about his game screams irreplaceable. If the opportunity comes up to trade him for a player like Williams, it’s a move you make time after time if you’re in the Kings position. That’s not to say Williams will ever live up to his former hype or that he’ll emerge as a franchise player by any stretch, but a 22-year old talent who’s just two seasons removed from being the second overall pick? And you essentially acquire that for two second round draft picks? Sacramento is in a position where they can attempt to swing for the fences and hit a home run. If you strike out, you strike out, but the cost wasn’t anything to harm your future. The Kings don’t really add much money to their books and Williams has much more trade interest than Mbah A Moute would garner on the open market if you do decide to swing Williams elsewhere in the roster re-build. Promise is a dirty, dirty word and it’s ruined countless careers. But you’re playing with house money here if you’re Sacramento."