Sacramento Kings’ Derrick Williams trade recap, review, reactions

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"The initial reaction to the trade is, “Aww man, not Luc.” The Kings small forward acquisition of the offseason had finally started carving out a legitimate role. Over the past week, we’ve seen Mbah a Moute emerge as a defensive stopper, guarding everyone from point guards to power forwards, while also showing great instincts on offense. But when you take a step back and digest the whole deal, it’s really a no-brainer. Luc is a nice role player on a team building for the future. But he’s not a necessity and his loss won’t set the Kings back down the road. On the other side, Sacramento picks up Derrick Williams, a player oozing with potential who has yet to receive a shot. Could he flame out in Sacramento? Sure. Could he emerge as an offensive difference maker? Maybe less likely, but the possibility exists. He has great tools, and at 22 years old, it’s a low-risk, high-reward move that the Kings have to take right now."