1 Question for every Kings player as countdown to the playoffs begins

Sacramento Kings v Toronto Raptors
Sacramento Kings v Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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Alex Len

Can he hold down the fort with Sabonis on the bench?

As games get more of a playoff feeling, Alex Len will get fewer minutes as the backup big. Domantas Sabonis doesn’t spend much time on the bench, but when he does, the team needs very specific contributions from Len. 

He needs to rebound, set good screens, and protect the rim. So far, he has done that rather well but can he keep it up when games matter the most?

Sasha Vezenkov 

How will he look after the injury?

Vezenkov missed quite some time with a grade three ankle sprain but is nearing his return to the lineup. The Kings could certainly use his size and shooting ability, but Vezenkov struggled with the speed of the NBA early on. How will he deal with it after missing so much time?

Davion Mitchell

Can he continue to be an offensive threat?

Davion Mitchell is a valuable defender, especially when he plays with De’Aaron Fox, Keegan Murray, and Keon Ellis. That is only possible if all of them are threats on offense, however. 

His offense kept him on the bench early in the season, but lately, he has been much more aggressive. If Mitchell can keep that up, it could make a real difference down the stretch.