NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Kings take a risk, Magic win with two studs

Scoot Henderson, G League Ignite. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
Scoot Henderson, G League Ignite. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports /
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It is officially NBA Draft week, and we look forward to all the exciting talent coming into the league next season. This draft class has about everything teams might need and is the most well-rounded group of prospects in a long time. This is not a great year to be missing your first-round pick. Luckily for the Sacramento Kings, they have the 24th overall pick but don’t get fooled by the late first-round pick this year, as loads of talented prospects will fall.

Sacramento had some draft luck recently, with two of their last three first-round selections earning All-Rookie 1st Team honors. The Kings will try to continue their recent trend this year as we will get to our prediction of what talented prospect will be moving to Sacramento next weekend.

The 2023 NBA Draft is Thursday, June 22nd, so there is no time to wait.

Here is A Royal Pain’s 2023 NBA Mock Draft 2.0:

1. San Antonio Spurs: Victor Wembanyama, C, France

The most significant prospect we have seen since LeBron James, Victor Wembanyama has a lot to live up to. The Spurs won the Wembanyama sweepstakes, so we will get a chance to see what the best coach of this generation can do with the talented 7’5″ big man. The last time the Spurs had the number one overall pick, they drafted Tim Duncan.

2. Charlotte Hornets: Scoot Henderson, PG, G League Ignite

The first split decision of the draft comes at pick 2, where the Hornets have to decide between Scoot Henderson and Brandon Miller. Recently, teams in the top five have had bad luck picking for fit rather than the best player available. Henderson is the clear-cut number-two guy in this draft, so Charlotte should not make the same mistake. While the fit next to LaMelo Ball is the biggest question here, the two talented guards should be able to play next to each other.

3. Portland Trail Blazers: Brandon Miller, SF, Alabama

With reports of multiple teams trying to trade for a top-three pick, the Trail Blazers are potentially shipping this pick away. Either way, whether it is the Blazers or another team picking third overall, Brandon Miller will be selected. The versatile 6’8″ forward fits practically any lineup and would be a great fit alongside Damian Lillard if Portland keeps the pick. The fantastic scorer could help a healthy Blazers team return to the playoffs.