Sacramento Kings: Jason Williams Is Ready For Front Office Job

According to the man himself, former Sacramento Kings legend Jason Williams is ready for a job in the team’s front office.

A former well-known Sacramento Kings player has been at the helm of the team’s front office for five years now, and one of his former teammates has hinted that he too wants a decision-making job.

Jason Williams was the quarterback of The Greatest Show On Court, a human highlight reel who is responsible for many of us falling in love with the Kings during our childhood. He is one of the most popular players of the Sacramento era, and is still revered amongst the fan base.

So it is safe to say that there were a few head turns and big eye emojis sent the way of Williams and the tweet he let out on Friday.

Williams Tweets About Sacramento Kings Front Office Job

A fan on Twitter retweeted an article from NBCSports that showcased the bond between Vlade Divac, Doug Christie, Bobby Jackson, and Peja Stojakovic, all of whom are currently employed by the team. The fan tagged Williams in his post, asking White Chocolate when he was going to join the Kings front office.

This was Williams’ response:

Michael Jordan’s “I’m Back” memo was big, but this is on a whole other level.

How would we feel about Williams making decisions that would directly affect the on-court product? Being a star or transcendent player does not necessarily translate to front office or coaching success, as we’ve seen many times over. Our Kings are victims of this themselves having hired Divac in 2015.

Perhaps he could be a part of the development team, an assistant coach of sorts à la Bobby Jackson. Williams carved out a long career long after his Sacramento days were over, and was the starting point guard for the 2006 NBA Champion Miami Heat. He would bring a winning pedigree as well as years of knowledge and experience.

You know what? Someone forward that tweet to Vlade.

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