Sacramento Kings: Relive Jason Williams’ Top Plays In His Career

In a recent video posted by House of Highlights, it showcases former Sacramento Kings legend Jason Williams going through the top plays in his career.

The present and future of the Sacramento Kings are both bright. With the group of promising and young talent that the franchise has, they have the chance to become an elite team in the NBA for years to come.

The current Kings are trying to get back to being a champion-caliber squad like they used to be during the late 1990s and early 2000s. During that time, Sacramento was an exciting team to watch as their ability to play fast and move the ball was ahead of its time.

A player on those teams was Jason Williams who sat down with House of Highlights to go through some of the memorable plays in his career.

J-Will’s Top Plays

During the video, most of the plays that were shown were when Williams spent his time with the Kings.

For most fans, the plays are nostalgic. The ones that stood out the most were when Williams crossed over Gary Payton, his behind-the-back pass to himself when he played against the Philadelphia 76ers and his famous elbow pass during the Rookie-Sophomore game during All-Star weekend.

Other notes that were interesting during the video were when Williams mentioned his time playing high-school basketball with NFL legend Randy Moss, how his name “White Chocolate” was originated, and his opinion on how him being traded for Mike Bibby impacted the Kings going forward.

Final Thoughts

Jason Williams is considered one of the most exciting players in Sacramento Kings’ history, so hearing his perspective on his career, especially with Sacramento, was interesting, to say the least.

During his time with the Kings, he averaged around 11 points and six assists per game. He was beloved by the fans of Sacramento due to the excitement he brought to them in every game he played.

Hopefully, this new era of Kings basketball can do the same. The current youngsters have a ton of talent, but it will be tough to live up to the hype that was “White Chocolate”.