Sacramento Kings Legend Receives Shoutout From LeBron James

NBA superstar LeBron James gave a well-deserved shout out to a former Sacramento Kings legend on his Instagram account on Tuesday.

Many of us fell in love with the Sacramento Kings during the Jason Williams era, and he remains a legend in the franchise’s history. Apparently, LeBron James feels similarly about Williams’ talents and what he brought to the game.

A Williams highlight video was posted to the NBA’s official Instagram account on Tuesday, which features his nastiest dimes and rock-handling wizardry. It is the same video that we always see, the one that I’ve watched 3,839 times yet remain in awe at nearly every clip. It is one of the best highlight videos of anyone, in any sport.

James took notice during his Instagram scrolling and gave a shout out to Williams on his story. “My dude you was out there silly wit it!!”, James wrote in the caption, followed by six fire emojis. “League wasn’t ready yet for what you possessed.”

He finished off the post by saying what we were all thinking when we saw it:

“Definitely wish I was at the end of one of those lobs or no looks.”

Could you imagine LeBron James on the receiving end of a pass from White Chocolate? Wow. Williams was able to put together an all-time highlight reel with Vlade Divac and Corliss Williamson being on the receiving end of his passes. Think of the footage that the NBA’s Instagram account could post if he had James out there with him.

As for the post itself, Williams obviously saw it. He posted a comment on the video that said, “Passing the ball will get you a lot of bread!!!!”.

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