Sacramento Kings Videos To Binge Watch On YouTube

Need something to keep you entertained in these uncertain times? Come get lost with us down a Sacramento Kings-centric YouTube rabbit hole.

In this unprecedented time that has seen all sports come to a grinding halt, fans are itching for some action, deprived of their March Madness and spring training baseball. The same goes for the NBA, whose regular season would be heating up with playoff races right now. Fans of the Sacramento Kings are no different, as they have been robbed of what promised to be a competitive and entertaining final stretch of the season.

So what can we do now? How can we scratch the itch that is our separation from Kings basketball? We found a handful of Kings-related videos on YouTube to keep you busy for at least a while during the absence of the NBA.

Final Minute Of Rockets Game

Our first video is the most recent, and is arguably the best moment of the 2019-’20 season for the Kings. The clip shows the final 10 seconds of the December contest against the Rockets, including Buddy Hield‘s game-tying three-pointer and Russell Westbrook‘s subsequent coast-to-coast layup that put the Rockets up by two with one second remaining on the clock.

What happened next was the signature moment of the year, a desperation 30-footer by Nemanja Bjelica as time expired. The clip of the moment from the Sacramento broadcast is obviously more enjoyable for us Kings fans, but the video above gives a real feel for the moment with the inclusion of the shots that led up to the buzzer-beater.

Greatest Show On Court

This is probably the most enjoyable Kings-related video on the internet. It is twelve minutes of action from The Greatest Show On Court that was led by Jason Williams and Chris Webber. There are a high number of memorable clips and plays that will keep you ooing and awwing throughout the video’s entirety.

This particular selection is quite the trip down memory lane, and it might even deserve a second or third watch.

 De’Aaron Fox’s High School Highlights

One fun thing to do for current Kings players is to go back and watch old highlights, and this De’Aaron Fox video from his high school days is an entertaining watch. Many of the moves that he is known for today are on display, though far less polished of course.

It seems as though Fox has been checking out old highlights of himself as well, as he retweeted a clip last week of him as a freshman in high school. No better time than the makeshift offseason for a personal memory recap.

Bogdanovic’s Road To The NBA

Another video about a current player, though this one is not a highlight reel. Instead, this one tells the story of Bogdan Bogdanovic‘s journey to the NBA from Serbia. It gives good insight into the story of one of Sacramento’s fan favorites and his life leading up to his days in purple.

Top Ten Plays Of Chris Webber’s Career

This one is another fun trip down memory lane. Sure, there are a few clips of him in Bullets and Warriors uniforms, but a vast majority of Chris Webber’s memorable career moments have come in a Kings jersey.

Controversy Of The Crooked Referees

This one is a little bit sillier, but gives a bit of information about the 2002 Western Conference Finals conspiracy. It is essentially just two guys having a conversation about what happened in that series, but it is a good watch if you want to refresh your memory about a terrible moment in Sacramento Kings history.

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Hopefully, our list helps you get through this difficult time without basketball. Be sure to check out any “related videos” on YouTube if you want to get lost down an NBA rabbit hole for a day.

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