Sacramento Kings: Holy Cowbell, Mike Bibby!

Check out how a Sacramento Kings legend has transformed himself since leaving the team.

The Sacramento Kings and their fans will forever remember their teams back in the early 2000s. A squad that emphasized friendship and unselfishness was a visual treat for basketball fans to watch as they were one of the more entertaining teams during that era.

One of the players during that time was the starting point guard Mike Bibby. In the 2001 offseason, the Kings traded for the former second overall draft pick in exchange for Jason Williams. It was a big gamble that the purple and white were making, but it resulted in the Kings to become a formidable team for a good stretch.

It is now 2019, and all the key players in that incredible Kings era are out of the league. For most professional athletes, they tend to loosen up and not work as hard physically once they are retired. But for the Kings’ former facilitator that is not the case.

Look At Those Arms!

Most Kings fans know that Bibby has been in incredible shape since retiring from the NBA, and a recent video of him proves that he is still putting work in the gym.

I do not know whether Bibby is coaching the game or is a security guard. The man looks jacked out of his mind and is looking great for a man that is 41-years old. Let us just say that I do not think Kobe Bryant would swing an elbow at this version of Bibby. He may end up just hurting himself.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bibby continues to thrive after his NBA career as he is coaching a powerhouse high-school basketball team and is in great physical shape. Hopefully, he can show up to more Kings games going forward and encourage some of the youngsters to bulk up themselves.