Sacramento Kings’ Holiday Wish: A Healthy Harry Giles

LAS VEGAS, NV - OCTOBER 08: Harry Giles
LAS VEGAS, NV - OCTOBER 08: Harry Giles /

The Sacramento Kings and their fans have many wishes they hope to come true during their massive rebuild. A healthy Harry Giles is one of them.

For the past few months, the Sacramento Kings have shown they have a bevy of young and promising talent on their roster. But one player from the list has not even recorded an NBA minute so far. Hopefully, this will change.

The Kings drafted Harry Giles with one of their three first-round picks in this year’s NBA draft. Although he was the 20th pick overall, Giles was known as an extraordinary talent due to his supreme athleticism and motor in which he displayed on the court.

Believe it or not, Giles was once known as a coveted prospect, but he has faced multiple obstacles in his past which have prevented him to shine in collegiate basketball and now in the NBA. Due to enduring two ACL tears (one in each knee), it has made Giles spend most of his time on the sidelines rather than on the court. As a result, the once #1 high-school prospect has floated under the radar compared to his rookie counterparts.

Wishing For The Best

I think it is safe to say that every Kings fan hopes for Giles to soon have a clean bill of health. It has been a minute, but he has proven to be a player who has the potential to be an NBA asset on both sides of the ball when healthy. Adding Giles to the mix would only bolster the Kings group of youngsters as he would bring a good mix of length, athleticism, and skill to the team.

Returning Soon?

This holiday wish may come true sooner than later. Giles himself has addressed he is healthy, plus there a video clip of him warming up prior to the start of a previous Kings game. Whether Giles’ debut comes this season or not, let us hope when he does finally step on the NBA hardwood he is there to stay for the long haul.

Keep getting better, Harry. Kings fans are rooting for you!