Sacramento Kings’ Zach Randolph not expecting suspension

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Zach Randolph’s offseason included an arrest and a sentence to community service after a no-contest plea.  Today, we discuss his media day quotes about a possible suspension.

The Sacramento Kings brought in Zach Randolph as a free agent this offseason.  Z-Bo comes to Sacramento after an eight-year stint in Memphis.  Coach Joerger and Randolph teamed up for seven of those seasons which ended when Joerger took over as Kings head coach last offseason.

Shortly after the signing, Randolph was arrested in California.  He quickly resolved the case by pleading no-contest and a punishment of community service was levied.

Today, we will discuss Randolph’s media day comments about the arrest and possible suspension.  I will also give my opinion on if I believe his comments are what will happen.  Without further ado, let us jump right into it.

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Randolph at media day

The fantastic site Cowbell Kingdom put the video of Randolph’s media day interview on Youtube which you can enjoy below.

In addition to the video, the great Jason Jones from the Sacramento Bee tweeted this:


The public will probably never know what happened on the night of Randolph’s arrest and he clearly thinks it was a mistaken arrest.  I am not going to judge on those matters, what I found interesting was two things.  One, he resolved the issue quickly to less his distraction to the team.  That is a great sign and shows Randolph is committed to playing this season.  Two, Z-Bo does not expect a suspension.  I have said from the date of his arrest that he will probably face a suspension from the league and I still believe that to be the case.  It will be interesting to see if Randolph can prove his media day comments to the league and avoid a suspension.  I hope for his and the team’s sake that is the case.

Final Thoughts

Zach Randolph has put his legal case behind him, and now he is ready to suit up for the Kings this season.  The question of a suspension remains, but Z-Bo believes one will not be handed down by the team or Commissioner Silver.  The possible punishment is a storyline to follow in the three weeks until opening night, so stay tuned for the final verdict on the suspension.

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