Where To Let It Go?: Zach Randolph

MEMPHIS, TN - APRIL 20: Zach Randolph
MEMPHIS, TN - APRIL 20: Zach Randolph /

This article will provide which spots on the court newly acquire King, Zach Randolph, is at his most efficient when scoring the basketball.

Welcome back to our series at A Royal Pain where we analyze the Sacramento Kings’ roster to see where each player is at their most effective shooting the basketball.

The player who will be evaluated in this piece is newly acquired forward, Zach Randolph.

Where To Let It Go?

According to the numbers last season, Randolph found the majority of his scoring success around the interior area of the court as he made 58.1% of his shots from the location. Randolph was also pretty effective around the midrange areas as he made 39.1% of his shots from the right wing and 43.5% of his attempts from the center spot.

The paint has been Randolph’s friend during his entire NBA career, which makes it no surprise that last season his numbers showed he will continue to thrive if he focuses on that location this season. Although the 16-year veteran has been able to expand his shooting range in the last few years, it would be wise for him to keep his presence mostly in the interior.

Final Thoughts

I wasn’t surprised the numbers showed Randolph being more successful the closer he was to the basket. Throughout his career, Randolph has gained a reputation for being an interior force on the court whether it’s defending opponents, rebounding, or scoring the ball.

I expect Z-Bo to continue finding success in the paint this upcoming season. Not only will Randolph be efficient for the Kings taking this direction, but the young big men on the team will gain valuable knowledge on how to use their physicality to their advantage by watching a savant do it throughout the year.