Best Shot Locations For Willie Cauley-Stein

SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 9: Willie Cauley-Stein
SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 9: Willie Cauley-Stein /

See which spots on the court Willie Cauley-Stein is efficient in scoring the basketball.

Throughout these next couple of weeks, A Royal Pain will analyze the Sacramento Kings’ roster to see where each player is at their most efficient shooting the basketball.

The player who will be evaluated in this piece is Willie Cauley-Stein who has been the Kings’ center for the last two seasons.

Where To Let It Go?

To no surprise, Cauley-Stein found the majority of his scoring success last season inside the paint as he made 67% of his shots from the location. Cauley-Stein also was able to expand his shooting range outside the interior. Due to an improvement in his jump shot, half-hooks, and post skills, the seven-footer made 41.2% of his shots from the center midrange area.

Other than those two spots, Trill wasn’t very effective scoring anywhere else. But his gradual pattern of improvement gives promise that he will continue to improve his jumper as his career goes on.

Final Thoughts

Based off last year’s numbers, Cauley-Stein should continue to find his points around the paint this upcoming season. Although Cauley-Stein has found success extending his range outside the interior, his incredible athleticism and length will help him greatly get makeable shots around the paint, especially if the Kings run the pick-and-roll with him. Cauley-Stein should only need to use his midrange shot as a last resort or if he is wide open.

After concluding his sophomore year with a bang, the expectations are high for Cauley-Stein this season. With Trill being an elder among the Kings’ bevy of young talent, it seems he will play a big part during the organization’s current rebuild.