Sacramento Kings take your best shot: Vince Carter

SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 27: Vince Carter
SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 27: Vince Carter /

A Royal Pain continues our take your best shot series with a look at where Vince Carter is most effective shooting on the NBA court.

The Sacramento Kings have plenty of new faces on their roster this season.  Today, we will take a look at one of those newcomers.  The focus shifts to a legend and currently the oldest player in the NBA, one Mister Vince Carter.  Do not let the 40 next to his name fool you, this gentleman can still play and brings a wealth of experience to Sacramento.

Our goal today is to take a look at Vince Carter’s on-court offensive game in an attempt to find where Carter takes his most efficient shot attempts.  Without further ado, let us jump right into it.

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Carter’s best shot

To start, please take a look at Vince Carter’s shot chart from last season courtesy of NBA stats.

As you can see, Carter is not the high flyer who we remember from his Toronto Raptor days.  He has always shot the ball well from 3-point territory, and that continued last season.  For his career, Carter is a 37.4% 3-point shooter or about two percent above league average.  From the chart, you will notice he prefers that left side of the court and his exact hot spot was on that left wing.

Next season, I would like to see Carter continue to limit his mid-range attempts (just 14.4% of his shots last season) and get beyond the 3-point line more often.  That 14.4% is not efficient, and Carter should just attack the basket, pass out or work his way behind the arc.  It will be interesting to see if the shot distribution changes in his reunion season with Coach Joerger in Sacramento.

Final Thoughts

Vince Carter has transformed his game as he gracefully aged.  Carter should be shooting more 3-pointers now and specifically working to get open on the left wing.  He shoots well above 40% from beyond the arc on the left side of the court or better than his overall field goal percentage the last three seasons.  Get Vinsanity open on the left and enjoy his stellar 3-point production.

Stay tuned as we continue the take your best shot series in the coming days.

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