Clippers Blake Griffin Verbally Berates Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins


Mmm, feuds. Tasty.

A few weeks after the no love lost stare down between the Utah Jazz’s Devin Harris and Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins, which was later escalated by some fightin’ words by the Jazz’s Earl Watson, DeMarcus Cousins finds himself on the end of another beef – this time with the Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin.

Last Thursday, after some pretty questionable officiating, DeMarcus Cousins let his frustrations with it and Blake be known – eventually resulting in a 25K fine and some harsh words for one of the league’s poster boys:

"“He’s babied,” Cousins told after the game. “He’s the poster child of the league. He sells tickets, but he’s babied. Bottom line.”“The refs, the league — period,” Cousins said. “He gets away with (everything). He taunts players. Nothing is done. He’s babied.”"

To his credit, Blake Griffin kept his mouth shut and let his teammates, like Chris Paul do the talking for him, essentially saying the league all but favors playoff teams and calls things in their favor against sub-par teams like Sacramento. For once, something I could applaud Blake on – staying quiet. But of course, once the Kings and Clippers wrapped up their season finales against each other last night, Blake went all Hulk Hogan on Big Cuz – per the Bee’s Jason Jones:

"Well, I first heard about it from my acting coach. He sent me an e-mail and obviously he was thrilled. It was a complement. I guess he’s seen some commercials and stuff, so I appreciate it. Nah, I don’t care. I’m not into going back and forth and name calling players through the media and all that, just let it go.I mean this in the nicest possible way. You have to consider the source. If this is somebody that’s really has been in the league a long time, and really knows the ins and outs of the game, and has a great reputation for carrying himself the right way, then it’s something I would kind of look at and be like I really rubbed this guy the wrong way, but someone like that you just keep going.”"

Well, see, I didn’t have much problem with the smartass remark in his first sentence. But, you’re not going to go back and forth, huh? Can you, uh, inform me what exactly you’re doing in your quote then? Also, as it pertains to the whole “consider the source” part? While I don’t disagree that Cousins has a reputation, that’s a bit of the pot calling out the kettle, no Blake?

I mean, you seemingly find yourself on the wrong end of many cheap shots – your cocky, slightly dirty play probably wont be getting you any Easter basket’s from your peers this Sunday, so the whole “consider the source” thing? The creditability is slightly shot on that one.

Both Cousins and Griffin have proven to be absolute drama queens on the court when it comes to their antics (not a diss, just reality), so I can’t say I’m really shocked their comments pertaining to each other have a Jerry Springer-ish vibe to them.

But budding rivalries – mmm, they smell good.