DeMarcus Cousins Calls Blake Griffin An “Actor” And “Baby”, Says LA Is Good For Actors


As it pertains to Blake Griffin, I’m no fan. That’s not exactly his fault, but, I just don’t have a special place in my basketball heart for guys who spend most of their time dunking over everybody with limited game elsewhere. And before I get hate mail from all seven Clipper fans, no – I’m not saying Blake is completely talentless outside of his athletic ability. Just close.

Blake has earned himself quite a reputation during the few years he’s been in the league. Continually on the wrong end of hard fouls, it’s not difficult to see why unless you choose not to see it. Griffin plays with a somewhat cocky, arrogant attitude and essentially embarrasses other players with his flashy dunks, not to mention the continued shoves and bully moves he’ll pull, say for example:

It’s not as if Andre Miller is known for his explosive personality (or Justin Smith for that matter)…

So back to last evenings tilt between the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Clippers. DeMarcus Cousins and Blake Griffin were clearly chippy all evening long – and as was the case earlier in the season, Operation Get In Cousins’ head was in full effect last night from the Clipper bigs. Low elbow’s were thrown. High elbow’s were thrown. Shoves in the upper back – shoves in the lower back. It was pretty gnarly in the paint between Cousins, Chuck Hayes, Reggie Evans and Blake last evening but one play seemingly stuck out to Cousins, which didn’t even take place in the paint at all.

Atop the key late, Cousins, who was faced up against Blake was called for a foul in which DeMarcus “grazed” his cheek. Cousins looked beyond shocked at the foul and let out his frustrations postgame, per Jason Jones:

"DMC on Blake waiting for Saturday’s game in L.A.: “He’s in L.A. where actors belong. He’s an actor so of course he would say that.”"

Cousins also called Griffin a baby, saying he’s more or less protected by the league –  though, he did compliment the dunk machine by saying that he does sell tickets. So, uh, there’s that for you, Blake.

Griffin has created a bit of a persona for himself and it’s not exactly positive to his peers – with Cousins simply joining the choir of less than positive comments about the explosive power forward.

Say what you will about Cousins (and he’s right about Blake), the Kings young big man is creating quite a stir with some young and upcoming teams between his comments voiced towards Blake along with those towards Devin Harris and the Jazz. And if you’re a King fan, that’s a good thing, because nobody cares about no-name teams or players, and for Cousins and the Kings – they’re on a come up that would even make Bone-Thugs blush.