Sacramento Kings trade targets ranked from probable to pipe dream

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7. Dennis Schröder

The Kings don’t have a lot of ballhandlers or defensive-minded guards since Davion Mitchell and Keon Ellis have fallen out of the rotation. They rely heavily on De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk as well as Domantas Sabonis’ passing ability. 

Dennis Schröder would be a solid fit. He can hound opposing point guards, get buckets, and set up his teammates. As a rather ball-dominant guard, he would not be a good fit in the starting lineup next to Fox, but he could do wonders for the bench unit. 

Recently, the Kings have gotten little production from the bench and don’t have many players Mike Brown trusts. For now, it seems that the bench rotation is Malik Monk, Trey Lyles, Sasha Vezenkov, and Alex Len. Adding Schröder’s scoring ability and defense to the mix could really boost the bench. 

He’d have to get used to playing off the ball a lot, however, because the Kings like to put the ball in Fox’s and Monk’s hands first. 

Since the Raptors have moved OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam,  it is not unlikely that they will send out other veterans as well. They might want to get another point guard in return, but the Kings can provide that. 

6. Kyle Kuzma

The Washington Wizards are not in a good spot right now. They are the laughingstock of the NBA. 

For the Kings, that is good news because the Wizards are not opposed to trading Kyle Kuzma anymore. If the coaching staff could get the buy-in from Kuzma to defend, rebound, run the floor, and accept being a third or fourth option, he’d be a near-perfect fit. 

He is big, a good rebounder, and can always get his offense going. He’d certainly be an upgrade over Barnes if locked in. The Wizards reportedly want several first-round picks in return for Kuzma and are in no rush to get rid of him at the trade deadline.

That means they probably won’t waver much on the price, but it doesn’t mean that Kuzma is impossible to get. If the Kings make an offer before the trade deadline and are desperate enough to give up what the Wizards want, they’ll most probably move him. 

It would cost the Kings, but it’s not impossible and could really change things for Sacramento.